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Marry Me 

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2 States

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Watched 2 States yesterday….

It was so amazing! Ananya’s and Krish’s love story and how they faced their challenges was so sweet! I really wanna read the book by Chetan Bhagat now.

I think Alia and Arjun were perfect in their roles. They acted really well and their chemistry was amazing. I was actually doubtful of Alia and Arjun’s chemistry at first because I was not such a big fan of Arjun. But, this movie has changed both of those opinions! 

The music in the movie was also good. Locha E Ulfat is my current song on repeat. Loved Mast Magan and Chaandaniya as well. 

2 States was a different love story that showed two lovers facing the challenge of getting their families to consent their relationship. It was portrayed really well and I really want to see it again!

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Shanivaar raati humein neend nahin aati.

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